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Paper Submission. Peer-Review Policy

Each manuscript should be accompanied with an external review (from another town) drawn by an expert in the field of research, who has an academic degree (Candidate or Doctor of Science). It should be signed and certified in the Personnel Department of the reviewers affiliation. Those authors who have no academic degree, are asked to present not only the external review, but also a written testimonial drawn by a scientific supervisor, signed and certified at the latters affiliation.

The review and testimonial should contain the reviewers first name, patronymic name and surname, academic degree, position, affiliation and e-mail. Additionally post-graduate students present an official document stipulating a term of post-graduate study and containing contact telephone number of the Head of Post-graduate Studies who signed the document.

All three documents, duly signed and stamped, the completed PASSPORT OF PAPER, signed by authors, and the paper, formatted in accordance with the FORM, may be sent to the Editorial Board by post or e-mail (



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A letter containing the enclosed files should be sent from the address indicated in the information about the author and accompanied with the following text:

Delivering the article to the journal Perm University Herald. Russian and Foreign Philology, I guarantee that the article is created by me personally and has not been published before. I undertake liability to observe the copyright of materials used by me (if a part of the article delivered has already been published, the author should provide information about this part and the place of its publication).

Manuscripts are reviewed in order of their receipt within the period from 1 to 6 months. The final decision on the article publication is made by the Editorial Board and the Editor-in-Chief. Members of the International or Perm Editorial Board may address to the Editor-in-Chief with suggestion to review the article for the second time. In this case three experts of the Editorial Board are appointed to prepare well-grounded conclusion. In case the negative decision is taken, the author will receive well-grounded rejection on behalf of the Editorial Board. The paper, accompanied with internal review, may be sent to the author to revise and eliminate remarks. The term of revision is unlimited. The article which does not meet requirements is not sent for the second revision.


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