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A manuscript should be from 20 000 to 40 000 characters long. It should be formatted in accordance with FORM available at our website, submitted with all the documents required (see section “Paper Submission”) and e-mailed to langlit2009@mail.ru. Please ensure in receipt of your documents asking for notification.

The text may be written in Russian or English.

Authors are asked to use format acceptable format (*doc, *docx, *rtf), A4, with book layout and 2 cm margins. It is strongly recommended to use Times New Roman 14 point font only (the necessity to use other fonts should be specially explained in the letter and the required font attached) and line spacing 1.5.

The title of the paper, information about the author, annotation and keywords should be presented in Russian and English obligatorily. The annotation in Russian should be 1000–1500 characters long, in English – 2000 characters. The number of keywords (word combinations) ranges from 5 to 15.

Bibliography includes minimum 15–20 sources and is formatted in accordance with GOST P 7.0.5-2008 without dash.



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Procedure of submitting, reviewing and publishing papers

Guide for Authors

Works on Philology published in PSNRU



Each item being obligatorily followed with numbers of pages of an article or total quantity of pages of a book. Names of authors (up to three) are not repeated in information about responsibility.

Bibliography formatted in accordance with Russian GOST should be duplicated in Roman alphabet under the heading References in the format meeting Scopus standard. References in Cyrillic alphabet (e.g. Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian) should be transliterated and translated into English. Transliteration of the source title is used as the main title and is followed with its translation into English which should be given in brackets. References in English are transferred to References unchanged. References in other languages should also contain translation of the title, edition and publishing house in brackets.

It is recommended to make references to journals edited in English and included into international citation systems (Scopus, Web of Science) as well as to editions listed in the bibliographic database RSCI.

Detailed instructions for manuscript formatting are listed in the file FORM. Please read it attentively.

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